KELSEY LEMON: Second Update!

July 27th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

“There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.”

The truth behind these words becomes ever- evident to me as my father guides my feet into humble homes to lay hands on those in spiritual, physical, or emotional bondage. Over the past month my eyes have been opened to the healing power of the Holy Spirit. I’ve sat in the sand praying over a toddler who was sick and burning up with a fever and felt the Holy Spirit enter in and her temperature vanish beneath my palms. I’ve seen Jesus pick up a lame man and allow him to walk and even dance. I’ve been given endless opportunities to love on children and see love create open hearts that were then ready to receive the Life only found in relationship with Christ. There is power in the name of Jesus.
I came into this experience full of anticipation to witness the Holy Spirit, to know it and to know the greatness of my God by knowing every aspect of who He is. Coming from America, where the Holy Spirit is not often called upon, welcomed or rarely talked about in specific I had no idea what to expect; I hardly had any idea of what I even believed when it came to healing and the Holy Spirit manifesting itself through spiritual gifts. But the Holy Spirit is so real, healing is happening and spiritual gifts are being molded everyday through the grace of God. And although all these things are perfect and good and BEAUTIFUL, over the past month what I’ve come to know is that over any healing or gift the Holy Spirit is here to deliver us into a deeper understanding of God’s love.
Sometimes we will remain unhealed, we will not find gifts that can deliver us from circumstances that seem to imprison us- but if we know the father and His tender unfailing love- we are free.
Through teachings from Pastor Fred and our recent outreach trip to Malawi, I’ve entered into a new way of thinking- challenging myself to love who God has created me to be. To see the value in this woman I’m designed to be and Jesus seems to think is to die for; To allow myself to love and be loved because my creator desires nothing less for me. And I’m just starting but I can see the effects already. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. So how can I truly love others when I struggle to see worth in myself?
Now embracing this challenge I’ve found a new need for God; realizing that real love doesn’t exist outside of relationship with Him. To see the kingdom grow and to allow the Holy Spirit to continue setting captives free in any and every form is all I desire. So here’s to knowing love, and needing love; to rejoicing in healing and trusting when it doesn’t happen; to never growing tired of giving life because there’s a well overflowing inside myself. I will continue to be desperate, to seek my reflection in Christ alone and give without charging because I’ve received without paying.
There is power in the name of Jesus.

Kelsey Lemon • 2017 International Immersion Intern