ISABEL NGENDA: Final Update!

August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

HALO FRIENDS!! Finally we have come to an end of the internship, I don’t know how to express my feelings. Well, I can say that my heart is sweet/sour, am excited to go home and connect with my kid and family, but again am going to miss the people I called my family for the past three months.

I have built life-long relationships with some of the people I connected most with, the internship was just the beginning of everything, there is still more to come. The internship for me was a concrete foundation of life. Just from the word go! i have loved each and every day that comes. Listening helped me, leaving with twenty people almost of the same age group is not easy, I told myself that I have to listen to everyone because if i spoke, I was only repeating what I knew already. And I guess I will adopt that for eternity. I did not mind the age some of the interns where, all I wanted was to build friendship and suck wisdom from them. If I was given the chance to do this again, I would do it over and over again. I have never met such people in my life, to a point of not even seeing anyone with a different color. If I say this is the way that I came, it`s a blue lie! I have added on to what I knew and I feel like am left with a few pieces to finish my puzzle. as I stated in my previous blog that ‘I have never experienced ministry the way it`s done out here, it has made me change some of my life goals, and when it comes to convincing me to do something that I don’t know it`s hard, but here no one has told me to. It happened just like that, nobody told me! Now that’s what I would call accepting God to take over my life.

Last week we had a reach4life day camp and every intern had a specific role assigned to them. My role was to oversee the camp site which included planning the camp, of course with the help from my task partner(Max) and leaders, tough one hey! But guess what I enjoyed it, I convinced one of my leaders that I wanted to teach in one of the sessions, and she gave me a chance. I actually learnt a lot from the kids whom I was in the same group with. Some of them actually saw me as someone who is successful (rich) but when I told them my story, they were surprised that I have so much going in my life and still happy, the answer I gave them was and still is that I left everything to God! And take my education seriously. My prayer is that just one kid may pick something from my story because most of the kids came from broken homes and don’t know what to do, if it was possible I would help them all. But there is a phase in life where someone can change you in a second, it’s a choice that you have to make. I pray that among those 140 kids at least one has been changed.

If I was told to change anything from the past three months, there is nothing I would touch because there is nothing bad about everything. Every break-down I had was paving way for a good make-up. All thanks goes to my teachers and my fellow interns for having to keep up with me. What I learned from them is something that I will keep for the rest of my life. Having teachers from livingstone and some flown all the way from Lesotho, Canada and USA humbles my heart and leaves me speechless. Well, all i can say is that am privileged to be a part of the 2017 immersion internship.

Isabel Ngenda • 2017 International Immersion Intern