In and Through

July 11th, 2019 Posted by Go, Immersion Trips

Our team started preparations for our trip to Zambia back in April. We never could have prepared ourselves entirely for all that God did THROUGH our team. In addition, we never could have prepared ourselves entirely for all God did IN our team. It was truly a remarkable trip.

Upon arriving in Zambia we were greeted by both the Poetice staff, as well as a multitude of students on site for the School of Justice and Mission. 24 of them to be exact, coming from 7 different countries! What our team was immediately overcome with was incredible dependence on prayer and worship that the staff and students displayed. We opened our time together with a prayer and worship service as we all released what was going to take place over the next several days into the hands of God. It was a powerful evening which laid the foundation for what would soon take place.

Our team was able to assist in running a leadership camp that ran from Saturday through Tuesday. The camp was made up of approximately 60 students who the Poetice staff had already been pouring into and had identified as leaders. It was amazing to get to know each of the students by name as they entered the camp on Saturday. Over the course of the next few days, relationships developed that I’m sure will last a lifetime between several different cultures.

On Sunday, we were able to experience a worship service at Poetice with the students at the camp, and the community of believers that gather there each week. Jeremy gave an outstanding message on false prophets which is something that the Zambian culture is, unfortunately, having to deal with more and more. We continued to hang out with our students afterward and deepen the relationships we had started to develop the day prior.

Monday was the day in which things really took off in ways we could have never anticipated. Part of the leadership camp included a day camp for children in the surrounding communities. Monday was designed for children ages 6-10, and Tuesday was designed ages 11-14. As we began the camp, our team broke into small groups with local Zambian students/leaders taking us into their surrounding communities. It was amazing to watch these Zambian students step up into leadership and gather the communities together. After all of the groups came back from inviting the communities, 506 children were welcomed into Poetice on Monday, and 350 more were welcomed in on Tuesday. We were blown away by the numbers, as well as the ability to keep this many children under control!

Over the course of those two days, songs were sung, games were played, meals were prepared and given and most importantly the Gospel was shared. Between Monday and Tuesday, 60 children prayed to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! It was beautiful to watch as they were welcomed into the loving arms of their heavenly Father. Words simply can not do justice to the power that was displayed throughout those days. Our team stepped up in dramatic and dynamic ways, as well as the Zambian youth from the leadership camp. All we can do is praise God for the work that He was able to do through each of us.

After camp concluded on Tuesday, we had a few moments to take a breath, and then we jumped right back in on Wednesday with a weekly children’s program that Poetice runs. Prior to this week, the most Poetice had on site for this Wednesday program was 400. Well, 650 showed up this time almost literally blowing out the walls. It was remarkable. Children were shown the love of Christ in tangible ways. Our team stepped up and shared testimonies, taught lessons and led games, all for the glory of the Kingdom of God. It was inspiring to watch.

We can only imagine the impact Poetice will continue to have in the communities of Choma, Zambia, but one thing is clear. God is on the move! The needs of Poetice are great, especially in order to keep up with the demands of the community. Through support from several churches, including our home church of Watermark Wesleyan, Poetice is able to reach the needs in the surrounding communities by giving 100% of their weekly tithes through the church services BACK into the community. It was amazing to watch how God is providing for them in exponential ways, however, it is clear that the needs will continue to grow and grow, as the Word of God is shared throughout the surrounding communities of Poetice!

We concluded our trip with a spectacular view of Victoria Falls, and one of the best game drives I’ve personally ever been on. It was great to be able to celebrate all that God had done over the previous days while being immersed in His creation. The trip was quick, the ministry was great, and the country of Zambia and the beautiful people of Choma will be missed, but the work remains as the Spirit of God is on the move in that place!

Trevor Kaufman is the Director of Send & the South Creek Campus co-pastor at Watermark Wesleyan Church in Hamburg, NY. Trevor has been on numerous immersion trips to Zambia with Poetice over the years.