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August 3rd, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

Eight years ago, I was one of the people that sat and received teaching from Beat the Drum. This year I was so excited to be among those pouring in the lives of the kids. I was assigned to do ministry at a school that had the least of attendance, but God had a reason. This gave us the opportunity to go in depth with our discussions. My experience of Beat the Drum showed me how no extreme is too much for God to demonstrate His love. This is said because my class had four boys that really needed to be talked to and God used Beat the Drum time to love on them. Few days after Beat the Drum was done, we had to travel to Lesotho for our outreach program. The trip was divinely protected by God because we went to and from without any difficulties or challenges through it all. It takes God for such to happen. During outreach, it was amazing to see how the elders of the community were so willing to help out in our serving ministry time. They were even devoted to attending our services in the evening. My view for service and ministry has been broadened to a point that I know it’s cool to not all stand in the front line. Others can serve in the background to make the work of those in the front line easy. Thus promoting interdependence.

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