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The hunger to grow is universal

Published on August 1, 2018 by Phill Tague

This wasn’t my first trip to Zambia, but it was certainly my favorite. It’s not that the other trips weren’t amazing- they absolutely were (as the Zambia tattoo on my left arm will attest to). But there was something special about this trip.

I hadn’t taught in the internship program before, so when John and Abby asked me to do Leadership week, I was both thrilled and humbled. It’s not that I’m a leadership junkie who can’t get enough of the next NY Times Bestseller on the topic…actually far from it. But to coin a phrase from Miles Welch at 12 Stone Church in Atlanta, “We don’t love leadership, but we love redemption…and redemption takes great leaders.”

It was with this thought in the back of my mind that I set off on the s day journey to Zambia. I didn’t honestly know what to expect when it came to teaching biblical leadership in Zambia to a multiethnic, age-diverse group of interns and staff, many of whom weren’t even Pastors. But I learned something this week: The hunger to grow is universal.

It was so amazing to watch staff and interns alike literally sponge up everything that was taught, asking great questions and honestly longing to just get better for the sake of the kingdom. As we ended the week, I found the same response from the group of over 100 pastors and ministry leaders that gathered to kick off the very first Poetice Leadership Conference. The hunger for learning and the presence of the Holy Spirit were palpable in the room.

But that’s not even why the trip was my favorite. The best part of this trip was the ample opportunity for relationships- to hear people’s stories, to wrestle through tough issues with them, to pray with people and to just built deep, heart level relationships. I didn’t just minister to people, I deepened friendships. I taught them, and in return, they taught me.

So thank you Poetice. Thank you, interns. Thank you, staff. Thank you for inviting me, for listening to me, for being willing to learn from me and for teaching me so much. Thanks most for your friendship and trust. You inspired me this week. Keep loving redemption enough to stretch yourself, learn, grow and lead for the kingdom.

Phill Tague is the Lead Pastor at the Ransom Church in Sioux Falls, SD.