His Will Gives Me Joy

August 1st, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

My outreach experience was great. I liked it because I learned many new things.

My joy of this trip was seeing people who don’t know Jesus confess that God is their Father. God told me that it is not about me but that it is about Himself. When I am doing His job, His will that gives me joy. Another great joy for me was learning about the discipline of simplicity. This was joyful for me because I learned to seek God’s kingdom first before anything. 

I learned to paint when we painted the school in the village for the first two days. I also learned how to fix the desks with pliers, wire, hammer, and nails. On the third day, I learned how to build the road in the village. During the kids camp, I learned more leadership skills that I will use in the future at my kids’ ministry at home. During outreach, it was also my first time to weed in a field. 

The biggest challenge I faced was being sick at the start of the trip. I overcame this by praying for my health and for the ministry we were serving. This helped me to get well and continue ministry within the team. Another challenge for me was seeing people for the first time who do not know about God. I tried to encourage them that there is a God who created them, and I tried to help them know Jesus by ministering to them.


Christopher Rheman – 2018 Immersion Intern