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worldplanes_blue_iconIMMERSION TRIPS

Catch the bigger picture of what our in-country work looks and feels like by participating in an Immersion Trip with Poetice. Our immersion trips give team members the opportunity to join in this work and generously love, serve, listen and encourage communities around the globe. Immersion trips challenge team members to embrace a slower pace of life and refocus their lives with Christ at the center. It challenges our rhythms of life and creates opportunities to re-orient their role in the mission of God- both home and away.

Through immersion trips, we have the unique opportunity to empower our international staff. With our willing hands, we can lighten their load. Through our compassion, we can love their students and encourage their ministry. With our faith, we can give them hope and joy to increase their strength. Through stories and experiences, we can share our lives. By the end, we will feel like we have a new family and a new home, and we will be inspired to reciprocate their radical faith and pursuit of justice and transformation in our own communities.


2018 trip details coming soon!