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Mission is much bigger than what we are called to do.
Our mission as believers is to live our lives just like Jesus.
We must seek to embody His perspective of the world,
His posture, His expression, His preparation and His purpose
in coming to make all things new. 

Our School of Justice + Mission is designed to instill Kingdom values while providing opportunities for growth and new expressions of faith for individuals from all around the world. Learn to partner with God to cultivate a world flourishing with justice and righteousness – where image bearers thrive and experience the kingdom of God – on earth as it is in heaven. Apply today!




Our immersion trips provide an opportunity to join in our work overseas to generously love, listen, serve, and encourage communities around the globe. Our trips will challenge your rhythms of life, while encouraging you to embrace a slower pace and refocus your life, placing Christ at the center. This will create new opportunities to re-orient your role in the mission of God- both at home and away.

By the end of an immersion trip, you will feel like you have a new family and a new home. Our hope is that when you return, you will be inspired to fight for justice in your own communities.




The key to doing well during any immersion experience is to start with yourself. If you wish to see humility, honesty, empowerment, and mutual respect become hallmarks of the Church worldwide, you must begin by embodying these values in your own lives. Then and only then can you, with integrity, ask the same of others. You can use these training resources to help guide you and your team to experience a transformation that will endure beyond the short duration of an immersion experience. 


“Our mission has not life of its own: only in the hands of the sending God can it truly be called mission. Mission is thereby seen as a movement from God to the world; the church is viewed as an instrument for that mission. There is church because there is mission, not vice versa. To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people, since God is a fountain of sending love.”


Our perspective is that, while we do good and learn about living on mission through immersion experiences, we are expected to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people every day of our lives just like Jesus.


Our posture helps us see God, ourselves and others, just like Jesus. We consider ourselves less and attempt to give dignity back to those who have lost it.


God’s purpose for humanity is to live with them in perfect unity and peace. Our purpose is do everything in our power to seek justice and restore peace just like Jesus.

Just like Jesus, we express the nature of God as we create and join Him in making all things new. We use every tool and skill we have to proclaim good news for the poor, and we strive to encourage the God-given creativity in others.

Our preparation for mission requires our whole self – our minds, hearts, and bodies. Just like Jesus spent 30 years and 40 days in preparation for his time of ministry, we must also take time to learn and train properly to do mission as well as we can.