Fighting for Justice

August 10th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Okay, here we go again! We had a wonderful week of justice, getting to learn from amazing teachers. We learned that there are many types of justice and learned how we can implement justice as Christians in our communities and the nations.

Micah Kephart taught us about justice. He said that justice is God’s; we only co-partner with what He does. We do not take justice into our own hands, and it takes discernment for us to participate in it. There are many ways that God can bring justice into a community, relationship, and to His people. Knowing that God is the one who brings reward and punishment to those who do injustice makes it easier to understand that we don’t have to fight for justice all on our own. There are five “Global Giants,” and these global giants all work together. They are spiritual emptiness, oppression, illiteracy, disease, and poverty. So knowing that, if we do not touch the human spirit, then we will not see a transformation. Yes, we can slay four of the five giants by human power, but without dealing with spiritual emptiness, there can be no transformation. Knowing that all the root of injustice is sin, it is the spiritual and the natural realm working together. That’s why we need to allow God to touch the human spirit. 

Only Jesus can bring transformation to a human spirit. Jesus is the answer and the solution to every injustice. I am going to take Jesus to wherever I am, wherever I will go.


Enoch Kambulu – 2018 Immersion Intern