Fighting for Justice

August 10th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Hey, I am back with my last blog. I am so happy with what I have learned about justice. It was awesome spending time with Micah and Toran. I was inspired by how they shared about the Church and justice. They first started the lessons by sharing their stories. It was such an amazing time. What an amazing guy Toran is by using his gift of telling stories to teach good news about justice and the Church.

As human beings, we have rights that protect us from other people. The government, through the legislative system, has composed laws that guide our rights. This is earthly justice (justice made or decided). God has his own justice, which He has created on his creation. Justice has been in existence since the creation (Genesis 18:19), but with God, justice moves together with righteousness (TSEDEO).

The world is full of injustice from the world, politics, unfair business practices, even how people treat each other in everyday life. Just because there have been injustices in the world doesn’t mean we can’t prevent it. We can stand up and fix things in this world. Partnering with people with great ideas is one of the important things to do when taking a step to fight for justice. Avoid contributing to the things you know are unjust. We are fighting for our communities, our families, our future. And let the light of God light our way.

As we fight for justice, we don’t just think about it, but we must speak it out and put into practice that which we know will help our communities. We must also remember that what we do or say to people around us matters. So we must live in justice with one another for love and unity to prevail. Thank you for having time to read my blog. Let’s help one another in fighting for justice.

Melody Kawadza- 2018 Immersion Intern