July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

My dear friends, I am excited to say healing is happening in good ol’ Africa. The Lord’s hand has been so evident in every walk of life here. The goodness that has been happening in Zambia the past four weeks is too good to not yell it from the mountains. His constant pursuit of my heart every single day has been overwhelming. Each day I am renewed and shown a new aspect of the Fathers love for me and his children around me that I did not see before. Like I said His good news is too great to not be proclaimed to the mountains, so we took that goodness to the mountains of Malawi.

These beautiful Malawian mountains began to hear the gospel as the Lord allowed my team to be the hands and feet of His big mission. This past week was filled with my eyes being opened to a new God; a God of power and miracles beyond my own understanding. Leading up to this trip I had an overwhelming feeling that healing would happen, I even desired to be used as a vessel for Him in this way. I was in for the journey of a lifetime when I prayed this prayer. Each day I was shown the power of the Lord and His agape love for each one of His children. I saw this power with my own eyes, felt it with my hands, and heard it proclaimed with my own ears as we entered into the villages each day.
I was impacted further by His power in the moment that I thought He could not get any greater. The last day our teams own plans were shattered as two men called us over to ask for prayer for healing. I felt the Holy Spirit instantly fill the place as the men told us that they were Muslim and wanted healing from Jesus Christ. The good news has no barrier! For the first brother we began to pray for healing of the bones and joints after years of pain and inability to walk properly. The second brother we prayed for healing from the deafness that has overcome him. In the name of Jesus Christ we declared healing and in His name and His name alone they were healed. In the name of the Lord the lame walk and the deaf hear.
Freedom was proclaimed in the mountains of Malawi. My heart was opened and my eyes were changed to the Land that has been healed by the name of Jesus Christ. I left Malawi feeling free from the chains of not being worthy enough of being a warrior in the army of God. Even in this place of healing others there was a healing of my heart. My dear friends, there is healing happening in Africa and He is calling me to not just leave it here. There will be healing in all the Lands in his heavenly name and I am beyond excited to be a part of the heavenly plan to bring healing to these lands.

Courtnie Pullen • 2017 International Immersion Intern