August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017


IT’S MY LAST WEEK IN ZAMBIA YALL. I am overwhelmed that this beautiful journey in my new home is coming to an end. This summer has been a rollercoaster of Gods abundant love and miraculous power. Each day was filled with anticipation and excitement of what magnificent miracle the Lord was going to allow me to see or be a part of. I fully felt like the hands, feet, eyes, mouth, and entire body of Jesus Christ each day when I entered into the community. I was able to see the healing power of God in every aspect of that word. Healing of His children physically as well as healing the hearts of every person around me. Not only were the communities and villages around us impacted by the Fathers love but each intern around me played a part in healing of their own hearts. It has been a beautiful view of coming alongside my new brothers and sisters in Christ as we all healed in the Fathers love together. This place of healing and love has become my new home.

The villages of Mwaponana and Kabanana have become my safe place and my source of joy in the past three months. These communities have been the place of growing for me, of seeing the Lords power, and the places that I have found my one true love. I have become a lover of justice. I am completely and utterly in love with justice. I prayed for the Lord to show me brokenness, real life brokenness, and He did this in full. In every walk this summer He has shown me this brokenness: as we entered into Malawi, into the many villages in Choma, within the hearts of the interns around me, and in the amazing teachings we had each week. I am overwhelmed with how the Lord has broken my heart for what breaks His. This brokenness is what has now made me a lover of justice.

As I prepare to go back to the place I was raised, a piece of my heart will be left here in Africa. When I go home I will be homesick. The family I have made, the friends who are now my brothers and sisters, the kids who yell “COCO” from across the villages will soon become a small part of the big journey of my walk with Christ. This experience has instilled in me a faith and a confidence of who I am in the Lord. It has made the death of Jesus Christ so much more real to me. It has given me a boldness to proclaim His name to the mountains in a way that I have never done before. This journey has been life changing. It has given me the future of finally opening the orphanage the Lord has planted in my heart since I was a little girl. The Lords goodness is overwhelming. The power of prayer is crazy. God gives more than I could ever imagine and I am excited to say this is only the first small step of my life living in my new homeland of Africa.

Courtnie Pullen • 2017 International Immersion Intern