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5 years of internship

Published on August 30, 2018 by Poetice International

We are celebrating the completion of our 5th Immersion Internship!!!

This is a HUGE milestone for us! We love to see God encounter radical young people and raise them up as leaders to seek the Kingdom of God and fight for justice in communities around the globe.

This year, we had 17 wild, passionate individuals from 5 different nations join our family in Choma, Zambia for 3 months.

This group of interns were hungry and in pursuit of Jesus. The Father encountered them with truth, with revelation, with grace, and with kindness as they learned, served and ministered to the communities around our base.

We saw sparks of change ignited in these communities as the interns poured out what was being poured into them. Day after day, the interns loved on our neighbors in their homes, at our Sunday worship services, and on our weekly youth and kids ministry. They saw God heal new friends. They laughed with those who were joyful and mourned with those who were grieving. They went to birthday parties, sang, danced, prayed and played a lot of soccer.

Because of their positive impact, influence, and relationships, Poetice’s overall ministry in Choma has been propelled far beyond what we would have imagined for today. We have been able to simply fan the flame that was ignited by their efforts.

We are really excited about these interns. The people they are and the leaders and change makers they are becoming. Their lives will never be the same and neither will those around them. Thank you, 2018 interns, for who you are, how you served, and how you will continue to bring the Kingdom to earth in every corner of this globe you will put your feet! WE LOVE YOU!!

This 5-year milestone has caused us to take a step back and take a hard look at our Immersion Internship program. One thing God has been whispering to us is… “Your dreams are too small.”

We believe God wants to train the nations in Choma, Zambia. This is no longer just for those who have a heart and passion for Poetice’s work, but for those who have a heart and a passion for Kingdom work, for the entire globe. We have decided to respond to God’s prompting and take a leap of faith by growing our Immersion Internship into a training school, open for all people, of all nations, to be trained to be on mission everywhere and empowered to become global leaders that seek justice in their communities.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch
of our new School of Justice + Mission.



Our new school is designed to instill Kingdom values while providing opportunities for growth and new expressions of faith for individuals from all around the world. Are you interested in learning more? Check out the new school website at school.poetice.org