CHRIS KADOLO: Final Update!

August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Hey people Chris is back again. For the past three months I have been part and parcel of the Internship. This program has really changed my life. Helped me to understand that being a lone in life isn’t good Ecc 4:9-10. In the past I didn’t liked being with people but with this has changed my life & I am a changed person. Even my family members are surprised to see how the Almighty is working in my life. I enjoyed learning about my identity, because I didn’t know about my identity & who I am in Christ Jesus. This has helped me to realize how special I am in the eyes of the Lord & that God created us for the relationship He first loved us!

Leadership is one of the topics/teachings that I really enjoyed most! If being given a chance to teach I would go for leadership. This has changed my life. Leading people is not about me me me but its involving others as well. I saw God’s presence when we were doing outreach in MALAWI (mangochi). I saw God’s healing, God in love & I saw God moving through my friends encouraging me. Because I could believe that God speak through them. Really liked the way of running DBS I can’t wait to implement that to the Armours guys.

I didn’t know that our bodies are the Temples of Jesus Christ through this program I get to know that I am loved, worthy Jesus Christ took my sins, my pain etc. Now it has remained unto me to change others make more followers of Jesus Christ (ambassadors). Our characters defines who we are in Christ. Christ died for my sins I am valuable. The camp was really good I liked how God moved through kids & to see kids giving their lives to Jesus as their personal savior.


Chris Kadolo • 2017 International Immersion Intern