Celebrate Life.

October 1st, 2014 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum


It's not just me, I swear!

It’s not just me, I swear!

Buckets. Every time I walk outside I keep thinking to myself.. has it always been this beautiful in the fall? Granted I haven’t spent autumn in the states in the past few years- so I’m extra excited about changing leaves and jackets and crispy mornings and sunshine in the dew on the grass like it does. But this over excitement about normal things is reminding me yet again of the words I keep coming back to in this season: Celebrate Life. 
And wah, celebrate life sounds a kind of cute-sie little thing. But dang when you get words from Jesus, they don’t feel cute-sie. They feel real and alive and like girl you better listen up. This all started when I was getting ready to come back to the states at the end of September. I had an amazing summer in Zambia, doing so many things I loooove.  Leading immersion trips and mission training thing-things, seeing God move and speak like crazy and witnessing people come alive and loving times to worship that Jesus — and so (understandably I like to think), I was a little unexcited and anxious about making another transition to this USA. I know I’ve done this before, and it wasn’t like forever that I had been gone, or that I didn’t want to come home and see my family and friends. I am lucky beyond what that I get to see my people in the states as much as I do! But its that thing. Its hard to jump in and out of lives and worlds and cultures and all that bizz. So. I wasn’t excited to say the least. I was loving what I was in. And then the Lord so graciously said to me,
My Poetice Fam, clearly celebrating my life too!

My Poetice Fam, clearly celebrating my life too!

“Abigail, excise me. I just did this for you- 4 months ago when you can to Zam. I went ahead of you, prepared the way, smoothed your transition- and it was so. much. better. than you imagined it would be. So, take a moment and remember. Remember who I am. Remember What I’ve done. Faith this time is standing on something you’ve already experienced. And since your memory is still a babe, I’m doing it again after just 4 months, so you know even more who I am. So remember. And celebrate what I did. Celebrate that I will always be with you. Celebrate that in your life, you never have to go without me. And that, in itself is worth celebrating. So celebrate me, in your life, and that this is enough.”
Haha. Jesus! Who is he? He is enough. And He is worth celebrating. And so since I’ve been home, I’m alive in celebration.  Seeing fall in full color. Seeing friendships and days as opportunities to celebrate Him and what He has so fully done, and does, every day as he’s alive with me. Gosh life is good when you get the gift to see like this! And so I shall, until He gives me something new- to just plan celebrate life.

Thando and I, in Swaziland in July.