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A Fight for Justice

August 15th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

The Lord is the mighty defender, perfect and just in all his ways. God is faithful and true to us, His people, and He cannot let us down. From the beginning, God has been a just King, He has always wanted His people to choose what they want (good or bad).

The justice that the people have on earth was gotten from God. What is justice then? Justice is a fair judgment or a judgment that recognizes the equal rights of everyone. In the past weeks, we learned about justice and its components. I have greatly been empowered by the teaching of justice and how I should administer it. There are five components of injustice across the globe, namely poverty, disease, spiritual emptiness, oppression, and illiteracy. We have to fight against these injustices as children of God. But for us to do this, we must first seek the Kingdom of God and let Him lead us.

In Psalms 103:6 it says, “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.” God will give rewards and punishments to deserving people. God gives rewards to His people that are faithful to Him and righteous. 1 Samuel 26:23 states that “The Lord rewards everyone for their righteousness and faithfulness.” This leaves an impact on His moral character in us.

The creator of heaven, earth, and the sea always keeps His promises. He judges in favor of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. He sets prisoners free and gives sight to the blind; He lifts those who have fallen and loves His righteous people. “When the poor cry out I helped them, I give help to orphans who have no one to turn to. Those who are in deepest misery finds their feet back, and I console widows. I am a father to the poor and take the side of strangers in trouble, thus says the God almighty.” Justice is for God alone and not ours, therefore we must leave vengeance and rewards to Him only. It takes God’s will or discernment for us the people to do His justice.


Collet Kadoolo – 2018 Immersion Intern

The Burden of Fighting

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

As a long-time-lover of justice, I was beyond myself with excitement to spend a whole week with Micah and Toran learning about the very thing that has wrecked me, shaped me, molded me, and driven me to actions as crazy as flying across the world to spend a summer in Zambia: learning about and fighting for justice. Years ago, the Lord began breaking my heart for what breaks His and showing me in so many ways how this world does not reflect the peace, righteousness, and beauty of the Kingdom of Heaven. I began saying to myself and others throughout my college years, “Once you know about an injustice, you don’t have to do anything about it, but you can never again say you didn’t know.” This kind of thinking pushed me to do a lot of fighting – and I mean a lot. It was good, but it was exhausting, reflective of the weakness of my own flesh trying to hold a burden that was never meant for me to carry alone, desperately aching to fight a battle that I will always be powerless in if I am not walking in step with the One who created all things, the One who created justice, the One who has already won the battle and is waiting restlessly for the day we can all come peacefully to His kingdom, free from every burden that shackled us in this world. Although I have been passionate about justice for a long time, I have also been exhausted, powerless, and overwhelmed with the messy giant of injustice and an altogether incompetent opponent.

At Poetice, you will find people who tell you that the only answer to injustice is Jesus. They will tell you that although there is illiteracy, although there is oppression, although there is hunger, the first answer is not school fees, nor safe housing, nor food, nor business loans. The first answer has to be Jesus, otherwise, there will be no transformation. Ultimately, He is the only one who can transform hearts and lives, who can bring change, who can bring justice in the midst of pain, oppression, and who can fight the long fight without burning out. When we surrender everything to the King of Kings, not only are we free from the burden of fighting an impossible fight, but we get to co-labor with the One who has already won the battle and wants to use us in the process of making all things new on Earth. Not only this, but we have the responsibility as His Children to step out of the comfort of our lives and stand against injustice with God, whenever and wherever He calls us. When we look at the world, it can be easy to cry out, “God, where are you in all of this mess?” The truth is, where God is in this mess is exactly wherever we are, as we are His hands and feet on the Earth and are the ones who get the joy of working together to bring the Kingdom here in every way, today, tomorrow, and every day until our Jesus comes back.

When we see injustice in the world, we as Christians do not have the right to look the other way and hope someone else will do something about it. We must lay down ourselves, our lives, and even our picture of what the right answer might be, and let the Lord use us to bring change, freedom and hope to our broken world. My approach to injustice has been transformed by my time as an intern at Poetice, much in the same way that my life, heart, and personal brokenness has been transformed by the love of the Almighty God who leaves the 99 to go after the 1, who wants to see all of us whole, and then use us to change the entire world. I can rest in the knowledge that it is not me alone who could even begin to heal the wounds of this world, but also stand up with eagerness to be used, knowing also that my life will be a waste if I am not actively working to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, right alongside my good Father.


Mallory Mishler – 2018 Immersion Intern

Beautiful Pieces

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018, Shae Reinke

How have I been empowered to fight for justice? It’s not just about the blaringly obvious injustices of the world, or maybe it is, but not in the way I’ve always looked at it. 

Of course, we need to be aware of the clear injustices around us and I want to play my part in that but bringing justice can be done in everyday life. In fact, the injustices I face in my everyday life are the most likely places God wants me to take part in making right. Micah Kephart talked about the five global giants that envelop every injustice: spiritual emptiness, oppression, illiteracy, disease, and poverty. Each giant works in partnership with at least one other giant, but it’s highly likely that spiritual emptiness plays a part in it all.

Created in God’s image, I was meant to be whole in body, mind, and spirit, but the fall of man led to sin and brokenness so there will be struggles. The only way I can overcome the sin and brokenness in my life is by seeking righteousness through a relationship with Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit in me, and by embracing the love and correction of the good Father. It’s out of this disparity that we, as humans, perpetuate more sin and more brokenness when we try to fill those mistakes with anything from the world instead of seeking God’s presence in the midst of pain, mistakes, and brokenness. 

I cannot seek righteousness and justice if I am not myself in line with the will of God and am not seeking righteousness and justice in my own life. Any outward action flows from the inward work that God has done in me. I am only capable of seeking justice and righteousness in the world around me because of the love, grace, and mercy that has been shown to me. Time with God, allowing him to speak to me, show me more of his love, and correct me where I need correction, is essential to my ability to be someone who takes part in the righteousness and justice God wants to bring to his kingdom now. 

He wants me, and all who follow him, to bring into alignment the things that he intended for us here and now. It won’t all happen all at once, but how beautiful it is to see it happen in pieces before our own eyes. I can bring justice by having right relationships with friends and with family, by standing up for those who don’t have a voice whenever the opportunity arises, by seeking God in everyday things and obediently acting when he calls me to do so.


Shae Reinke

World's Deep Hunger

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Wow, how is this summer already over? What a journey it has been! I have learned so much about who God is and His burning desire for justice. I first had to better understand what justice is before I could become an agent of it. Justice is a theme found all throughout Scripture that portrays the Lord’s heart and vision for His people. Micah 6:8 says to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. Three simple commands, yet we still struggle to live this out.

Justice is not only the act of doing what is right; justice is having the courage to step into what is wrong in this world and making it right again. I have the authority to bind things that are not righteous and just as well as the authority to loose those that are. Whatever is for the Kingdom, can be loosed. If it does not belong in the Kingdom, I must bind it. If I see an injustice, I must do something about it.

I have learned that God sent His Son to earth, he did not send money. God didn’t say that money would fix the world’s problems. He didn’t hand over money to find solutions to the injustices of the world. He sent His Son. We are called to be like Jesus. I can step into the mess of the world, build relationships with people, seek justice, and experience transformation. I can use the gifts and talents that God has imparted to me to help impact the injustices all across the globe. Money and development cannot fix injustices, but loving people and living righteously alongside of them can.

My passion is to see others find their God-given calling and purpose. I come alive when I see someone pursue what they were made for. I believe that God has given us each unique passions and desires and we should live into those. I love seeing dreams come alive. I want those who have never dreamt to start dreaming. I desire to see those dreams come to fruition. I believe that God put such desires in our hearts to not just sit there but to push us to do what we were made for. Whatever makes you come alive, what makes you tick, the thing that you love most, your hearts deepest desire is your passion! And that, I believe, is your purpose in this life. It is what you have to offer to this world!!

Frederick Buechner once said that my vocation is where my passions and the world’s deepest hunger meet. WOW! I see a world that is lacking purpose. We live mundane lives with no meaning. We go to work because the world says we need to. We sit in hours of business meetings, hating every minute of it. We live paycheck to paycheck. We indulge in the money that we do make. We don’t enjoy the work that we’re doing. Maybe we do enjoy the work we’re doing but it has a negative impact on others. We spend hours working while each minute goes by we aren’t truly living. We are counting down the minutes until its 5 pm. We can’t wait until Friday finally comes. We live for the weekend. Monday comes and we do it all over again. Where is the passion? Where is the purpose? What are we living for? I don’t want to just wake up and waste another day.

For me, living out my passion is living justly. This is stepping into the wrong and making it right again. If I can empower others to live out their passions and purpose, wouldn’t the world start to become a better place?

My big dream is to empower local people whether that be in Haiti, in Africa, or wherever God tells me. I believe that true transformation takes time. I want to spend much time in communities where people don’t even know how to dream because all they know is what is in front of them. I want to elicit dreams and see them lived out. I desire to see lives restored. I want to help others find their purpose and live into it. I believe that the cure for poverty and brokenness is a holistic approach. When someone knows their identity, their passion, their calling… they can then take action and live into that purpose. They see themselves as worthy and good. There is now a purpose to waking up and living each day. Once one finds their purpose, I believe each component of a human improves: socially, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. It is a cycle. And it all starts with believing in someone. Taking the time to sit down and speak life into them.

Passions may include cars, people, farming, mentoring, missions, teaching, children, law, healthcare, music… the list goes on! Whatever it is, I believe we each have a passion inside of us. I want to encourage others to discover their passion and make a purpose from it. Wherever I do end up, I want to see the discovery of passions and then walk alongside them as they enter into it.

A world that is full of people with passion and a purpose is a world that injustice cannot live in. This is my greatest desire.


McKenzie Warner – 2018 Immersion Intern

Resonating Hearts

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

“God doesn’t have a mission for His church, but a church for His mission.”

We, as Christ-followers, are given authority to call out what is permitted or forbidden on earth– as is in heaven. (Matthew 16:19). This implies a large responsibility as part of our basic calling on earth: to fight for justice and expand the Kingdom. 

During justice week, we learned that righteousness and justice are meant to exist together. Righteousness, as defined by God’s moral character, and justice, as defined by the actions that flow from His character, create true shalom (peace) when working together in perfect unity. 

I have learned a lot from the book of Matthew, chapter 24. It’s not really up to me to decide whether I should or should not help an individual in need. This has truly changed my perspective as I prepare to go home to the States. If there’s a need that I am capable of meeting, then it’s my responsibility to do it. 

My heart really resonates with the holistic approach to fighting for justice. It’s so important to look at the whole person: spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and socially. While spiritual empowerment is the focus and foundation of fighting injustice, I believe every part of the person affects another part. If one is lacking, it is likely that another will be negatively impacted as well. As I am preparing to begin graduate school for physical therapy at the end of this month, I am especially encouraged to enter my new field. I plan to use physical therapy as my platform for ministry. It is critical to use a multidimensional approach to therapy, realizing that an individual is far more than just their physicality. This opens the door for spiritual empowerment. 

Before the internship, I believed that our basic calling in life as believers was to love God and love people. Since then, I have revised my perception of our basic calling as believers. We have another responsibility and that is to fight for justice and advance the Kingdom on earth. So, our calling in this life is to (1) love God and love people, and (2) fight for justice and advance the Kingdom. I plan to make this my mission in life, in all that I do and in every place that I am. 

I love the idea that Frederick Buechner proposes about vocation being where your great passions and the world’s deep hunger meet. I think this is something each one of us should deeply consider– what are our greatest passions and how can they be used to serve the deepest hungers and needs of this world we live in? This action in itself is the first step to fighting injustice and has the potential to cause waves of influence across the world. Let’s all do our part and take on the injustices of the world together.


Jenna Fort – 2018 Immersion Intern

Fighting Goliath

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Hello people! I am here again to talk about justice and injustice.

First justice is doing what is right before God and man then injustice is the other way round.

I have been empowered to fight for justice because that’s what the Lord wants. According to Genesis 18:19: “I have chosen him in order that he may command his sons and his descendants to obey me and to do what is right and just”.

I have to build the kingdom of heaven here on earth because the five global giants are here trying to destroy the kingdom and these are: spiritual emptiness, oppression, illiteracy, disease, and poverty.

So people let’s rise together and fight the Goliath by being a brother’s and a sister’s keeper.

Lillian Gondwe – 2018 Immersion Intern

Hope for the Hopeless

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Fighting for justice means living in righteousness—a lifestyle of selflessness, of elevating other’s needs above your own, whether or not anyone is watching. As I’ve learned from Micah’s teaching, all poverty comes from social injustice, and all injustice comes from unrighteousness. The cure for poverty, disease, illiteracy, and oppression is not a Band-Aid of redistributing money, but true transformation in the hearts of individuals through Jesus Christ. When God chose to save the world, he didn’t send a check; he sent his Son. Only through Christ’s redemptive transformation can spiritual emptiness be replaced with righteousness and the giants of social injustice be slain.

Over the last three months, God has brought me face to face with these giants of injustice through my relationship with a certain widow named Mary. When I met her, she was dying of Tuberculosis and AIDS. Her caretakers were her elderly mother, who was also sick, and her three young children. With no income, they could only rely on the generosity of those around them for their daily food. Though Mary’s situation seemed hopeless, somehow God saw fit for our paths to cross at such a time that my friends and I could visit her every week, provide a few meals and necessities for her family, sing to her and pray with her the day she went home to be with the Lord, and comfort her family at her burial our last weekend in Zambia. I don’t know why God didn’t answer our prayers by healing Mary’s physical body, but I do believe he’s bringing new hope into her household. The last few weeks we visited Mary, some teenagers from the community joined us, translating for us and praying alongside us. Although my time in Zambia and Mary’s time on earth has run out, God is raising up new ambassadors of the Gospel in this place. Following our example, they will be the ones to confront the injustices in Choma by visiting the sick, loving the poor and the oppressed, and putting the needs of others above their own.

Injustice doesn’t just exist in the compounds of Choma, Zambia. Injustice exists everywhere there is unrighteousness, sin, and relational brokenness. As I return to the United States, I know God has more work to do through me. The spiritual emptiness in my own community needs Jesus’ transformation just as much as any other community does. As each of us returns to our communities, may God continue to transform us into his hope on earth.


Olivia Thompson – 2018 Immersion Intern

Kingdom Justice

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

In the three months, I have been in Zambia, I have learned more about God’s heart for justice for His people than I have in 22 years. I never understood justice to be God’s heart, yet it is such a huge part of His vision for His kids! Since I’ve been in Zambia, the Father has been showing me that I have to understand His justice for myself before I can really understand and fight for justice for His other children. I’ve learned so much from Him and from the amazing people that have been teaching me here. And I just want to say this now, there is a lot I have learned that I won’t be able to include in this blog, there’s simply not enough room or time at this moment! So, that being said, I will tell you some biggies I have learned about God’s heart for justice and how my life has been impacted by this.

The first and most impactful thing I’ve learned is about the Kingdom of God. What it looks like, how people are treated in this kingdom, where I fit in and most importantly how I can help bring about the kingdom are a few things that have opened my eyes about justice. Matthew 6:10 shows Jesus telling us how to pray, and He specifically says to pray for the kingdom to come to earth as it is in heaven. In many other places, the Bible tells us to SEEK the kingdom of heaven on earth, to bring it about. It also tells us that when we see things that are not of the kingdom we have to call them out! Justice! But before I really understood what the kingdom was, God started working His justice on my heart. He started telling me how He sees me, where I was seeing myself as quite the opposite. In my Father’s eyes, I’m not an object to be used, but something to be loved, cherished and honored. He is still helping me see my worth in His Son, Jesus, and I know He will never stop pursuing me. He has begun the beautiful process of delivering justice to me, and because He has shown me my worth and how this world had stripped me of it, I can now see why so many young women feel the way they do. It’s INJUSTICE and I WILL call it out everywhere I see it from now on. I am to fight for God’s heart for every other daughter He has, so they don’t have to go through what I went through. This is a huge way this internship has empowered me to fight for the Father’s heart.

The second and last thing I will talk about is what I’ve learned about God’s unquenchable love for His children, and how I can fight for justice for those who can’t fight for themselves. I want to tell a short story about two women named Agnes and Mary. My outreach team and I became friends with these two beautiful sisters, but not only that, we came to love them very much. This story doesn’t end in the lovely fairytale way the world loves to tell. It ends in a Jesus-love kind of way. Mary is the last living of Agnes’s eight children that have since passed on. Mary had 4 children, 3 of whom are still alive. After God led Agnes to us, we then were led to meet Mary, and we began to spend lots of time with them, checking on them and praying with them. We learned their stories. Mary had AIDS and was battling tuberculosis. Agnes sounded like she has TB as well, probably because she was Mary’s primary caregiver. On top of this, they were struggling to make an income because they were so sick. It’s just like God to send willing hearts to a horrible situation because He wants to comfort and love on His kids. We were so broken-hearted by their situation, but we felt so much love for them both; we couldn’t stay away. Week after week, we visited and checked on them, each time falling more and more in love. They began to smile and remember our names, saying hey sister Dalila, sister Olivia, sister Katie! They stole our hearts, and we did everything we could to let them know we cared. They are the first ones who showed me a Tonga Bible, and they read their favorite scriptures to us! The picture I’ve attached is Mary reading with Agnes beside her.

We attended Mary’s funeral yesterday. She passed away about 4 hours after we had gone to see her. We sang the song “Tata Ndili Wako” to her. It means “Father, I belong to you”, and it is so true. The Holy Spirit was there, loving on all of us as He began to wrap her in His arms. We got to be a part of the funeral and be there for Agnes and their family. We cried for the family, we mourned Mary, we spent time remembering our story with them both and we are forever changed by them. How can I be the same, see things the same way after watching Jesus comfort the poor and dying through me and my amazing team?? I can’t! His heart for justice is alive in me, and I will be forever changed by Mary and Agnes’s story. I have written over 15 pages in my journal retelling how we met them, what all we learned and what happened. I want to honor them both. I want to SEE people like Mary and DO something about it. There’s no need for millions of people to die of AIDS and hunger when there is a God like mine alive and working through me and my siblings on earth. We have to fight for God’s heart, we have to fight to bring the kingdom of God here to earth so people like Mary and Agnes don’t have to suffer and die.

I have been empowered to fight for justice by coming to Zambia, Africa and doing the Poetice International Internship. Thank you to all of the staff and all of the teachers who have helped me see what I have seen. Thank you Mary and Agnes for letting me love you and get to know you. Thank you, Jesus, for loving me. Thank you for your perfect love and for your coming Kingdom, and that I get to be a part of it. I am eternally grateful, literally!

Katie Piner – 2018 Immersion Intern

God of Justice

August 10th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Hey, people! I’m back again to talk about justice. What comes to your mind when you hear the word justice? Justice is a judgment involved in determination or rights and the assignment of rewards and punishment. In short, it is a theory where fairness is administered. Justice is standing for what’s right. This teaching about justice has empowered me to stand for what is true or to stand for what is right in the eyes of God. The God that we serve is a God of justice. Retributive justice is not for us to give, but it is for God to give. In 1 Samuel 26:23, the Lord rewards every man for his righteousness, so if we live a righteous life, we should let God—the God of justice—take over. So this teaching has empowered me to fight for justice. There is a lot of injustice in our communities and in many other countries. We shouldn’t support what is not right. We should support the truth.

Memory Mulowa- 2018 Immersion Intern

Fighting for Justice

August 10th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Okay, here we go again! We had a wonderful week of justice, getting to learn from amazing teachers. We learned that there are many types of justice and learned how we can implement justice as Christians in our communities and the nations.

Micah Kephart taught us about justice. He said that justice is God’s; we only co-partner with what He does. We do not take justice into our own hands, and it takes discernment for us to participate in it. There are many ways that God can bring justice into a community, relationship, and to His people. Knowing that God is the one who brings reward and punishment to those who do injustice makes it easier to understand that we don’t have to fight for justice all on our own. There are five “Global Giants,” and these global giants all work together. They are spiritual emptiness, oppression, illiteracy, disease, and poverty. So knowing that, if we do not touch the human spirit, then we will not see a transformation. Yes, we can slay four of the five giants by human power, but without dealing with spiritual emptiness, there can be no transformation. Knowing that all the root of injustice is sin, it is the spiritual and the natural realm working together. That’s why we need to allow God to touch the human spirit. 

Only Jesus can bring transformation to a human spirit. Jesus is the answer and the solution to every injustice. I am going to take Jesus to wherever I am, wherever I will go.


Enoch Kambulu – 2018 Immersion Intern