As we look back and see the legacy of God’s goodness throughout our journey, we also look forward with anticipation to what He is doing next. As we faithfully steward this calling, the need to increase our capacity for growth has become abundantly apparent.

In 2012, God gave us a glimpse of a future He envisioned for Poetice. That year, in six short weeks, God miraculously provided through His people over $600,000 which allowed us to acquire 13.5 beautiful acres of land in Choma, Zambia. This property was already equipped with a number of buildings on-site, enabling us to quickly start serving the surrounding communities. Over the years, our mission base has been a gathering place for thousands of people, and these facilities have played a pivotal role in facilitating restoration and transformation in the lives of the lost and the least.

While our commitment to the surrounding compounds has never been stronger, over time, our mission base has become something so much more. It has grown into a training ground for the nations. A communal place where leaders, pastors & individuals from all over the world have gathered to worship, listen, learn and discern God’s calling on their lives. It’s been a deep well of transformation for many and has matured into a launching site to reach the nations.

For our next season, we sense a need for additional facilities on our mission base and many other infrastructural needs to accommodate growth and enrich our capacity to empower the Church to fight for justice. As we faithfully pursue the path set before us, we’re listening to the Spirit’s guiding voice as it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We’re discerning how to steward the resources given to us, and we are believing in faith for the tools and resources still needed.




Facilities create the space for growth, collaboration, creativity, and ministry. Throughout the years, we’ve conducted countless trainings, held multiple seminars and camps, operated tailoring co-ops and other income-generating activities, as well as, hosted thousands of community members and hundreds of volunteers, interns and trip takers from around the world at our mission base. To keep up with ongoing ministry demands and tremendous growth, we now need additional communal gathering places.


Our kitchen is in desperate need of an overhaul and expansion. Its current configuration is limited, and it’s poorly outfitted. We would like to expand the size of the kitchen and upgrade it to become more commercial grade. This will not only allow us to accommodate a larger number of people but will make the process of meal prep easier and more efficient.


One immediate need is for an outdoor multi-purpose pavilion. Every week we lead hundreds of children in discipleship trainings and games. We’ve quickly outgrown our indoor facilities to host this weekly gathering and moving the children outside currently isn’t an option. With a simple open-air design, this proposed outdoor pavilion would also allow us to host concerts, community gatherings, and other trainings more than doubling our capacity indoors.

To further help facilitate times of worship, trainings and conferences outdoors, we need a sound system that will work well in an outdoor environment.


While other organizations look to put up physical walls between themselves and the community, we want to pursue a different approach. We would like to cover our property lines with fruit-bearing trees of many variations. By planting hundreds of trees surrounding our 13.5 acres, we hope that the fruit they produce will provide sustenance for those who hunger and create an environment of openness between our base and the surrounding communities.

In addition, we envision both a greenhouse and communal gardens on our land to further support the community and will provide food at our new farm to table restaurant and coffee shop.


On our base sits an unused house that we would like to renovate and convert into an inviting restaurant & coffee shop. Job creation is at the top of our agenda with this project as there is a lack of job opportunities for people in the surrounding communities. We already have people lined up to work at this new business. Our vision is to create a welcoming community gathering space where individuals can watch sports, relax, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and even share a wonderful meal together. With some minor renovations and expansions, along with some new equipment, this facility could become operational rather quickly and work towards the financial sustainability of ongoing ministry.


With daily programs and outreach, reliable transportation is critical to the success of our work. Poor road conditions present challenges and make it difficult to adequately meet the needs of the community. We need strong, efficient vehicles to help us achieve our outcomes. We are in need of a number of reliable vehicles to increase our effectiveness and capacity.


Every year, we host over 200 volunteers, interns and trip takers at our mission base in Choma. When these individuals arrive into Lusaka or Livingstone (the closest two airports in Zambia, but still a few hours away from our base), we need a reliable way to transport large groups of people at the same time. Also, during every Immersion Trip, moving an Immersion Team around for ministry outreach requires a large bus to avoid delays and multiple trips.


A van serves as the kid brother to the big bus. This will allow us to move around smaller teams when we don’t need the 32-seater. This will help us save on gas and will allow us to accommodate smaller groups


Our on-ground staff is visiting people, churches, and communities every single day. In addition, various trips to Livingstone or Lusaka are required for legal purposes, resourcing, visas, etc. Owning a few SUVs will allow our staff to not be reliant on public transportation or walking.


A flatbed truck will help us move materials around safely and quickly. This truck will serve as a tremendous help with infrastructure projects at rural churches.


Hosting so many people/teams comes with A LOT of baggage. In years past, we have found ourselves constantly renting trailers to haul luggage from place to place. A trailer is a good investment that will help us avoid rental fees.


Having the right tool for the job is critical. Technology is the backbone of communication, productivity, and organization. With an ocean between us and seven time zones apart, technology keeps our team connected to the day-to-day ministry on the ground and enables us to be more effective in a number of areas.


Great storytelling, data collection, and evaluation require good technology. We always try to tell the most compelling story we can in a format that is the most engaging. We have plans to build an interactive online experience that tracks our involvement with individuals in various communities.

Media storage consumes a lot of space. Also, keeping solid backups of work machines is critical to avoid data loss. We have a lot of needs for additional offline storage.


We have been developing new methods for evaluation and reporting by customizing our own CRM and other support applications to collect data in remote areas. Our field officers are now able to acquire new data with their smartphones which are tethered to our backend database. Our desire is to continue to expand our capacity to report well.


Computers (desktops and laptops) allow our staff to efficiently and effectively get things done. Many of our work computers are on their last leg and we also would like to outfit our Zambian office with a computer lab. 

This would allow us to provide interactive trainings in Zambia and help become a resource for the surrounding communities.


We would like to upgrade various functionalities of our website in order to enhance the online experience and make it more dynamic for handheld devices. As the way that people connect with us has changed with new technology, it’s now time we modified our framework to be dynamic. We are also seeking to adapt our website to host some very creative storytelling capabilities.


We believe in the people behind the programs. The Engineers provide general support to the many ongoing activities of the organization in order to sustain our long-term impact. The Engineers allow us to keep our administrative costs at a reasonable level. God has given us an incredible team to help steward the vision He has given us.

Join us in advancing the Kingdom and furthering what God has called us to do
– to empower the Church to fight for justice.
We invite you to join the fight in our journey forward and help us build the future.