We hit our goal!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that invested in this campaign.
As we look back and see the legacy of God’s goodness throughout our journey, we also look forward with anticipation to what He is doing next. As we faithfully steward this calling, the need to increase our capacity for growth has become abundantly apparent.

In 2012, God gave us a glimpse of a future He envisioned for Poetice. That year, in six short weeks, God miraculously provided through His people over $600,000 which allowed us to acquire 13.5 beautiful acres of land in Choma, Zambia. This property was already equipped with a number of buildings on-site, enabling us to quickly start serving the surrounding communities. Over the years, our mission base has been a gathering place for thousands of people, and these facilities have played a pivotal role in facilitating restoration and transformation in the lives of the lost and the least.

While our commitment to the surrounding compounds has never been stronger, over time, our mission base has become something so much more. It has grown into a training ground for the nations. A communal place where leaders, pastors & individuals from all over the world have gathered to worship, listen, learn and discern God’s calling on their lives. It’s been a deep well of transformation for many and has matured into a launching site to reach the nations.

For our next season, we sense a need for additional facilities on our mission base and many other infrastructural needs to accommodate growth and enrich our capacity to empower the Church to fight for justice. As we faithfully pursue the path set before us, we’re listening to the Spirit’s guiding voice as it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We’re discerning how to steward the resources given to us, and we are believing in faith for the tools and resources still needed.



We have extended the outdoor dining slab, expanded the pantry, built a new serving bar, constructed new bar top stools, sinks, and countertops, and have purchased a new stove and A LOT of kitchen supplies. (plates, cups, mugs, etc)

These updates help us:
  • Host our School of Justice & Mission students
  • Host conferences & gatherings
  • Host monthly celebrations for our church family
  • Host kids + youth camps and conferences
  • Host all immersion trip takers

Our dining area is in desperate need of expansion. Every year, despite hosting hundreds of people for conferences and camps, we are still forced to turn people away due to limited space. During the hot season and the rainy season, it is impossible for people to sit in our outdoor dining area because it is uncovered. We want to cover this area with a roof to protect from the elements, as well as, expand the existing footprint of the dining area by more than double. This will allow us to accommodate more people simultaneously.

Phase 2 includes: 
  • Extend and expand the outdoor dining slab even further to run the length of the building
  • Put a roof over all outdoor dining areas
  • Purchase additional dining tables
  • Build an upper deck outdoor seating area
  • Make additional cosmetic renovations to the interior kitchen area

In Phase 1, we have already made incredible demolition and construction progress on our new coffee shop + craft shop. We’ve knocked down two interior walls which opened the space up, and we’ve added big sliding glass doors at the front of the building to bring in tons of natural light. We’ve designed and purchased some furnishings and furniture in the space. We constructed a new bar top serving counter and additional shelving.

These updates will help us:
  • Local outreach
  • Job creation
  • Create an inviting community gathering third space
  • Create income-generating activities (sustaining ministry funds)
  • Marketplace


Phase 2 includes:

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Outdoor Landscaping
  • Outdoor Building Updates + Fixes
  • Appliances (stove, fridge, coffee machines, etc)
  • Additional Furniture (tables, chairs, etc)
  • Outdoor patio extension

Phase 1 has begun on our outdoor multi-purpose pavilion. During this phase, the concrete slab is being poured and the roof structure will be erected.

This new outdoor pavilion will allow us to host concerts, conferences, community gatherings, kids events, and other trainings, more than doubling our indoor capacity. The modern, slatted design will be aesthetically beautiful while serving to provide some additional relief from the sun.

In addition to having a covered outdoor stage and play area, will we be adding 2 building structures with rooftop access underneath the pavilion. This will allow us to bathrooms, showers, multiple multi-functioning class/meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a storage facility for all our outdoor tools. The open-air roof space will double as an overflow setting for larger events and can be utilized regularly in a wide variety of ways, from additional gathering space to play spaces. Once completed, this pavilion will be the largest covered structure in Choma and the rooftop design will be unique in area.


When we first acquired our base in 2012, there were a number of buildings that had roofing issues and have caused major leaks over the last couple of years. We were able to repair ALL of these leaks which will prevent further damage from happening and, as a bonus, it gave our veranda’s a nice facelift!

These updates help us:
  • Prevent further damages from water leaks
  • New facelift to our verandas
  • Host our School of Justice + Mission every year
  • Host hundreds of immersion trip takers every year

We have painted every wall in our office block, worship center, lodge, kitchen, and family room. These walls were extremely weathered and dirty, from 10 years of ministry, and now provides fresh and inviting spaces throughout. 

These updates help us:
  • Provides fresh and inviting spaces for ministry

This area was formerly an unused kitchen area for the office block, but it has been transformed into a beautiful new entryway into our church and office block! It has made quite the transformation! 

These updates help us:
  • Have a larger and more defined entryway into our worship center
  • Have a welcome and greeting area

After we launch a church at our base in 2018, we needed to update our main meeting room into a proper space where we could gather weekly for worship. We built a small stage area with an attractive backdrop. 

These updates help us:
  • Host regular weekly church services and other weekly ministries
  • Host conferences, camps, and gatherings
  • Helps foster a teachable environment for our School of Justice + Mission

We have planted over 100+ different trees, plants, and bushes. These include many fruit trees that will one day create a sustainable source of income for our ministry! 

These updates help us:
  • Overall beauty on the property
  • Income generation


As we look to the future, we see our growth and expansion happening by stewarding what God has already given to us. Right now, all of our existing gathering spaces are located on only 4 acres of our property. That’s because nearly 60% of our land is currently unfenced. For security reasons, this makes it underutilized & unusable.

We have a lot of really big plans to maximize these nine and a half acres. But, our first step towards expansion is to secure our entire property with a perimeter fence. This much-needed fence will allow us to utilize ALL of our land in new and creative ways, expanding our ministry opportunities and outreach initiatives.


In order to make our spaces more communal and inviting, we outfitted these spaces with a new bar top study table, couches, outdoor furniture, and card tables.

These updates help us:
  • Made our spaces more inviting and useable 
  • Created areas where individuals can study and hang out


For practical safety and security reasons, we need to install outdoor street lights around our property. We desire to put in bright, energy-efficient LED fixtures all around our entire 13.5-acre property.


We have a wide variety of furnishing needs. Our facilities create spaces for growth, collaboration, creativity, and ministry. Empty rooms are not inviting and do not create a sense of peace. Relational ministry thrives in comfortable environments and furnishings play a critical role in helping set people at ease.



We were able to purchase a Joylong 15 passenger van, a Toyota Hiace commercial van & a trailer for ongoing ministry needs. 

These updates help us:

  • Daily ministry needs
  • Hosting immersion teams
  • Transportation for school students  & immersion volunteers while in Zambia
  • Outreach to other nations

Our website’s underlying code and technology framework had not been updated since 2012. In 2019, we made significant improvements to our website improving mobile compliance and adaptive new storytelling capabilities. 

This has helped us:
  • Improve our storytelling platform
  • Increase accessibility and readability across devices

Over the past 2 years, we have been building our own data collection & reporting system utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. Our field officers are now able to acquire new data with their smartphones which are tethered to our backend database. We’ve also built a customized impact dashboard that helps us analyze all incoming data/reports quickly and understand trends in programs and impact. 

This has helped us:
  • Improves our data collection/reporting
  • Improves our ability to understand our impact
  • Improves our ability to strategically impact the surrounding communities

The Engineers fund helps provide general support to the many ongoing activities of the organization in order to sustain our long-term impact. 

This has helped us:
  • Offset operational & administrative costs for mission-critical systems, tools, and people