August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Hi guys!

lt’s Blessing Mpeta again from Malawi. l thank God for giving me chance to attend this program of internship this year. l had no idea where to get money for the program , l met a lot of oppositions and discouragements from different people and even family. In all this, l just trusted God and l was just saying if he wants me to go l will go, l knew that enemy is playing with me and l saw God’s superpower fighting for me. God is someone else, no one is like him and l cant even imagine how great he is because his power is beyond greatness. He provided money for program even for transport and my mom and sister started encouraging me and l kept on trusting God. l also thank people who heard God ‘s voice and obey and support me, it took your obedience guys! May God bless you.

This internship has been great experience to me, l came with a lot of staff to deal with, such as broken relationships, sometimes failing to forgive those who really hurt me ,and lack of good stewardship. But through this program, God has just really moved my heart . Through a lot of teachings, mentoring and being in the presence of the Lord, my life has just changed. He has given me everything new. He has restored my heart to forgive, he has flowed his patience in my heart even how to relate to people has changed . He has also encouraged my life to be in his presence here! l have great time to worship God and even l reach on point where l just want to spend the whole day with him because my heart is hungry and he is only one to satisfy me. God also fired me up to do justice and raise leaders for the next generation.

l also thank God for connecting me to everyone on this internship, has been great time just to know you guys, eat together, sing hambanathi together, dance and worship God together! It just give me a picture how the first disciples of Jesus were living , sharing things, praying for one another , encouraging one another and just to submit to one another. l just also thank God for Abby my best friend, the wife of John. l really love you, you are such a amazing person ,encouraging, open always fire for Jesus. l felt good and great when we are together, I will really miss u so much but l miss u all the time and you show me how!

Yes full equipped, Ready for the world!

Blessing Mpeta • 2017 International Immersion Intern