BLESSING BUSUSU – Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Hi guys!

I am back again! But, before I go anyway further I wish to say that the Lord is wonderful and good. However, each and every day seems to pass my expectations. The topics we have been learning about the past weeks have been amazing. Africa week was amazing getting to learn a lot about God’s dream and vision for Africa. This internship has opened my eyes to a truth that was in front of me but I could not see it. Thanks to pastor FRED MBEWE and MR BRUCE CHITAMBALA for the topics that they taught us on. It was great and like I said, eye opening. Thank you to the Mpeta family for the outreach week we spent in Malawi it was amazing and I really saw the lord move in many different ways such as; praying for people and seeing them get healed and then also praying for spiritually oppressed people. The demons went running away just by saying the name of JESUS. The best thing that really came out of the trip was a lot of people giving their life to JESUS CHRIST and this just showed that Philippians 2:9-11 is real and it’s up to us to help others experience it.

These past weeks have had a lot of challenges. In Malawi I lacked motivation a lot but because of the Lord every time I went into the village it felt like I had this extra zeal and this extra energy in me. I could not understand what it came from. The faith of the people in Malawi really moved me to a greater length and also it was what I really needed. I really experienced the Lord and it was amazing. The revelation of God’s dream for Africa was just a mind blowing topic because it really showed me my roots. It was also one of the biggest eye openers and it’s really a blessing for me. Although it did take time to process and was also the hardest challenged I faced. The Lord is just so good and wonderful he looks for us and reveals the truth but it’s up to us to accept and find it because it is closer than we think. This topic really helped because it made me understand that God loves each and every one of us.

The disciplines have also been some of my favorite topics and they have helped me grow emotionally and spiritually. It has been amazing especially the topic on service. It helped me understand that true service is the best thing that one can do. If I should lead anyone I should lead as a servant and it has been amazing practicing this discipline because it has helped me serve myself and by doing that I have learned to serve others better. This is the best feeling ever and has brought me closer to Christ.

My last note for this week is that I am so thankful for this wonderful and amazing program, the people that made my coming here possible and also to the most important person in my life right now JESUS CHRIST for giving me the agape vision and also the agape love. This is the best gifts I have ever received and I am loving it. THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE AND I KNOW THAT THERE ARE MORE WAITING.

Blessing Bususu • 2017 International Immersion Intern