JULY 18-20, 2019

Our 2nd Annual BUILD Leaders Conference & Gathering in Choma, Zambia was epic! This year, we had a wide variety of leaders attend hailing from 40 churches & 23 ministries representing 10 countries, 14 Zambian cities, and 21 different communities within Choma. We also had the School of Justice + Mission alumni students spanning 6 years in attendance!

This year was FULL of great teaching by a number of gifted teachers and the times of worship and prayer were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Each day of the conference we hosted a number of “breakout” sessions that covered a wide array of topics.

Here is a sample of some of the topics explored.

5 Giants of Injustice
BE the Church
Contending as one
Kids ministry
Reaching your goals

Discipleship groups
Compassion ministry
Enterprise + Church
Servant Leadership
Ministers Fellowship