On July 19-21, 2018, over 170 leaders from all over the world convened at our base in Choma, Zambia for our first-ever Leaders Conference and Gathering.

During this 3 day event, a wide range of topics were discussed that included leadership, biblical justice, and entrepreneurship to name a few. The information for attendees was second to none, but the most powerful thing about this event was encountering the power and presence of God with the body of Christ.

The Build Conference also provided space for individuals to interact with and learn from leaders they would never have normally crossed paths with. Leaders were challenged, replenished, inspired, and better equipped to fight for justice in their communities. As attendees worshipped, shared meals, and challenged one another, their perspective of Christ’s Church was expanded.

It wasn’t about one culture over another, one denomination over another, or anyone’s education level, socioeconomic status or race over another. It was in this “clash” that they experienced Kingdom culture! And together, individuals realized that they are ALL in this fight together.

Poetice empowers the Church to fight for justice and this leader’s conference wasn’t just designed for pastors, but also for educators, health workers, and youth; Christ-followers that want to make a difference and fight for justice in their communities. The Build Conference was for leaders who desire to take whatever God has placed in their hands and use it to bring His Kingdom to earth.