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CALEB WOOD: Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017 0 comments on “CALEB WOOD: Second Update!”

During the first week of July, Pastor Fred from Kingdom Impact in Livingstone, came up to teach us about the Kingdom Family. In other words, he came to speak to us about relationships within the kingdom, friendly, brotherly/sisterly, as well as romantic. Personally I think this was the most impactful week of teaching I have ever experienced. Not only was so much about who I am in relationships revealed to me, but I also now feel equipped to go out into new relationships with a kingdom focus and an intentional love that starts with my heavenly Father. During this week I felt the Lord speaking to me even more about my responsibility as a Christian man to be a model and representative of the Lord to those around me. By the way I love those around me, by the way I love my friends, my family, and my future wife, I will be able to show others what loving with a kingdom focus looks like. Pastor Fred shared with us that we all need three types of people in our lives, one of which he called an Elizabeth. This means that we need someone by our side that can be a burden sharer with us during times of struggle or confusion. As I look into my own life I notice that I am willing to assume the role of an Elizabeth quite easily, but it is challenging for me to allow an Elizabeth into my life because I have always had a rough time sharing burdens with others. This week destroyed me in the best way possible because it helped me to understand that relationship can’t be one sided, and therefore must be poured into from both parties and whole-heartedly open on both sides of the relationship.

On a separate note over the last few weeks I have been challenged in ways that I never have before. We just recently returned from doing an outreach trip to Malawi which is on the eastern side of southern Africa, and I witnessed the power and presence of the Holy Spirit on a brand new level. I won’t reveal too much because then I can’t share the power of a story in person, but I will share this, I serve a God of miracles and He still performs them in and through us to this day. We met a woman in Montueli village and over the last year she hasn’t been able to walk. She’s been immobilized inside her house for 6 months and the doctors at the hospital can’t tell her what is wrong. As we sat with her and learned more about her life and the pain she has been going through over the last 6 months, I felt an overwhelming power within me saying, “Caleb, today she is going to walk.” This woman was already impoverished but there was nothing material that I could give her to help out so I meditated briefly on Acts 3: 6-7, the story of Paul healing the lame beggar. Inside of me I knew that in order for her to talk a leap of faith an stand up and walk, I must too take a leap of faith and put myself in a position where God had to show up. I stood up and said to her, “If you believe that Jesus Christ can heal you then stand up and walk.” And I tell you that I have never been more overwhelmed with humility, awe, and complete joy all at once, because she rose from her mat and walked in front of my eyes. My God allowed me to be His vessel and see what it means to be the physical hands and feet of Jesus.

The challenge that I am constantly being faced with these days is living a lifestyle so dependent on the Lord, that in every situation I trust in the Lord with my entire life and rely on Him to show up in order for success to come. I don’t put myself into helpless situations for my own glory or in order for some miraculous thing to happen that makes others rejoice over me, but rather that the glory of God is revealed and those around me see Him in a new light and begin to live the same lifestyle. This life isn’t ours to live, this life belongs to our king and our hearts should be His throne where He is solely reigning with absolutely no competition. For a day will come when we meet our Savior face to face and He will say, “I know your face, you lived for me with every breathe you took, and you glorified me through every up and down.”

Caleb Wood • 2017 International Immersion Intern


July 5th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017 0 comments on “Empowering”

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Caleb Wood. I live in Hamburg, New York right outside of Buffalo and I go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University as a Christian Ministries major. Just a short testimony about how I got to IWU, I never planned to be going to school studying to be a pastor or really anywhere near the inside of a church. It wasn’t until I came to Zambia in 2015 on a Poetice Program 10 trip and God completely flipped my world upside down. I got the opportunity to return again in 2016 on another Program 10 trip, but this time I was asked to speak at one of the rallies at Reach 4 Life camp. I have never delivered the Word of God to an audience of people in my life and I had no clue how to preach but God without a doubt had a plan behind it. As I was speaking I could tangibly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all around me, speaking through me, and speaking into the 75 or so high school guys I was preaching to. After my message I went into solitude to pray and gives thanks to the Lord for using me and for guiding me through it, and I heard His voice above me say, “Caleb, this is what I have planned for you for the rest of your life. I will use your voice for my Kingdom.” A week later I returned to IWU, changed my major to Christian Ministries, and have been sprinting down the road for God’s glory ever since.

It’s week four here for us interns and it honestly has felt like so much longer the way we have all connected and grown as a family together. In week 2, our teachers said something that really hit me right off the bat, “If you were standing in front of yourself right now, could you hug yourself?” As I took that in I began to wonder if I actually could, and the more I thought about it the more I didn’t feel like I could. Not because I hated myself, or thought I wasn’t capable of being loved, or because I was depressed, but purely because I didn’t like the person I was looking at. The man in front of me three weeks ago was a man afraid to take care of himself. A man that was filled with guilt and shame from living a life of sin while still trying to take up his cross everyday and failing. It is a miracle how fast the Lord works, but I can honestly say, now I would welcome myself with open arms and a warm embrace because I have found my true identity in Jesus Christ. I have learned the truths about who I am and why God wants to use me. I realized that in order to put a stop to the past life I was living, I had to stop it and in order to begin the future on mission for God I had to be the start. No longer will I let the lies of the enemy penetrate my core where my heavenly Father reigns alone! The enemy is always at our doorstep trying to get any glimpse of the light inside that he possibly can, but we have been equipped by God to shut Satan out completely in order to give every part of ourselves to the Lord. For He is truly a jealous God who wants us to give all of our light inside to Him alone, and then He will guide us to share it with the world.

We have a weekly event called Community night on base and at the end of each one we stand up and pray with those of the community who want it or need it. One woman came up to me and Sande, one of the other interns, and asked us to pray for healing over her stomach and back. She could barely stand up straight and she was groaning in pain. I looked at Sande and said, “God has given us the authority to use His power in this moment.” As we prayed and commanded healing in the name of Jesus Christ she began to stand up straight and was filled with so much joy. I asked her what do you feel right now and with the biggest smile on her face she said, “I feel God’s heeling power inside of me and I don’t feel anymore pain at all!” Friends I want to share with you that our God is a God of miracles still to this day and we have the authority in the name of Jesus to spread the Word and the power of God to the world. If I had to summarize the internship so far in a single word it would be EMPOWERING.

Caleb Wood • 2017 International Immersion Intern