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ASHTON NEWMAN: Final Update!

August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017 0 comments on “ASHTON NEWMAN: Final Update!”

Hey all!
It’s me again, with my third and final blog. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I feel like I just got back from Malawi and now I am heading home to the states. I am blown away by how fast these past few weeks have come and gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that I stepped foot into this beautiful country and in one week I will be leaving her. So, in a blog driven by mostly tears I will attempt to pack the entirety of this immersion experience into a few short paragraphs. Please, wish me luck for this summer has way too many stories to fit into one page. Similar to the book of John, if I shared about everything the Lord did this summer, there would not be enough blogs in the world to contain its overwhelming goodness.

This summer has been a summer of renewal for me. I ended my first blog with this overwhelming sense of a renewed perspective on my ability to love. I thought this summer would be a transformation of the heart but not a rebuilding of my heart. It’s funny but so often we overlook our brokenness simply because we refuse to see it. However, the Lord works in this beautiful manner in that he takes you 9,000 miles away from home simply to remind his child of how much He loves. You see, the Lord’s love radiates in Africa. It’s crazy, but the African sun even spouts out murmurs of love with every sunrise and sunset. But, the people of Zambia have radically affected my hearts view of love. I said in my past blogs that I was learning to love from the people that genuinely love the best. This ideal cannot be more accurate in relation to the atmosphere I have been surrounded by for the past three months. You see, love is not always the easiest thing to grasp. The world so often clouds the truth of love within false truths thus requiring the heart to decipher real love from fake love. This internship has then taught me what it really means to love.

For, the past three months I have had the opportunity to travel into the local communities surrounding our home base. These two communities are called Mipona and Cabanana. I have spent the majority of my summer serving in Mipona where I have met some of the kindest individuals. The hospitality of my dear friends of Mipona often leaves me in complete awe. I am floored day in and day out by the love that is so freely given. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a baby shower of my family that I visit quite frequently. The house was jam packed with so many women from the community all singing praises to the Father in celebration of the birth of the child. However, there was no room in the house. It was filled with so many women that many were trickling out of the front entrance. But, as soon as we arrived the women all made space, huddled a little closer and opened spots for us to join in on the celebration. This was just one story of many of the outpouring of love.

This experience has been truly life changing. My eyes have been opened to real brokenness, true hardship, but also pure joy. I came into this summer seeking out pure joy and I found it in full. I am going to leave this place spiritually, emotionally, and physically wrecked for Jesus Christ. The Lord’s goodness leaves me in a continual posture of amazement in that the Father so purposely maps out our adventures with him. I have learned how to live, how to love, and how to serve. I am living changed, renewed, and greatly purposed. The Lord has spoken so much truth over this experience and I am so excited to see where He takes me next. I am so thankful for Zambia. I truly do not want to say goodbye. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Ashton Newman • 2017 International Immersion Intern

ASHTON NEWMAN – Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017 0 comments on “ASHTON NEWMAN – Second Update!”

Hey all, it’s Ashton again!

I cannot boast more about the goodness, provision, and guidance of my Lord. I am happy to exclaim that we serve a mighty God who moves, speaks, and transforms. This past four weeks have been nothing but a beautifully crafted challenge. I felt as if around every corner I was encountering a new pressure from the Lord that was bettering my heart. The posture of my heart has thus moved from this place of comparison, fear, and discomfort and postured towards a place of pure peace. I am captivated, overcome, and encouraged by what the Lord has accomplished.

So, this past week, I had the opportunity to travel to the country of Malawi with the sole purpose of community outreach. Can you believe it? A whole week designated for physically living out service as the hands and feet of Christ. My team and I came into Malawi with huge expectations and the Lord prevailed. The Lord prevailed BIG. I saw with my own eyes, felt with my own hands, and experienced with every part of my heart the healing powers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Further, during this outreach, I was blessed to cross paths with two particular men of peace. My team and I were on the move looking for two specific families that we had encountered the day before. However, the Lord had different plans for our group and both families were oddly absent. Thus these two men, who were brothers, each suffering from a particular aliment of the body; sought my group out for help. The elder brother was hard of hearing in one ear and completely deaf in the other. While, the younger brother was unable to walk without immense pain in all of his joints. The Lord healed each man of their particular ailment and brought life back into a broken situation. A man that was unable to walk freely stood up and walked and a man that was unable to hear heard the voice of his own brotherly loudly. The Lord is so good.

However, before this chance meeting I saw the Lord move in a different way. I experienced him do another miraculous healing but within my own heart. I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for the past four years of my life. But, I am happy to praise that, during my week in Malawi, I woke up for the first time in four years without this heavy burden of depression and anxiety. I experience what it truly means to be loved by God and loved in full. I faced so many challenges on this journey but within the hardship came my freedom.

Thus, I have been challenged to now live in this freedom, to bask in his love, and run towards the arms of my Father. I am so grateful for his continual grace, fervent truth, and purposeful peace. I want to tell all people of his great love that he bestows on his children. The Lord is not running from us but rather towards us waiting, yearning, and pleading for the grasp of our hearts. I challenge myself to grasp the heart of the Lord and trust him fully in all things. Praise be to God.


Ashton Newman • 2017 International Immersion Intern


July 5th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017 0 comments on “Renewal”

Hey all, its Ashton! I have traveled all the way from the good ol’ Hoosier state to participate in this inventive, challenging, and purposeful summer internship program. Zambia, in case you were unaware, is quite different from my small hometown of Greenwood, Indiana. I am clearly in a new continent, new country, and new hemisphere but I have never felt more at home. I came to Zambia with one younger sister but I am happy to boast in that I now have 19 new siblings I get to call all my own. In short, I have some amazing new African brothers and sisters and I, their Mukuwa. I am 21 years of age and will happily turn 22 this coming August. I am currently a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University and hope to finish my bachelors of science, in Global Ministry, this coming year. I am blessed beyond belief to be serving in Choma for the course of my entire summer. I cannot boast more in the Lord’s graces and provision.

This internship is jam-packed with so many unique ministry opportunities. I am given the ability to go out into the local community and meet with families surrounding our base. Every Monday we are blessed to serve the same family, grow in relationship, and fellowship while learning how to combat our cultural differences. However, when it pertains to the Kingdom of God there is much less cultural challenges because “Kingdom of God culture” is its own unique cultural platform. However, after we travel through the communities on Monday we get to prepare for our ministries assignments and community night on Tuesdays. My two favorite nights of the week are community night and then Kids Club on Wednesdays. Every aspect of this internship is beautifully crafted but there is something so wonderful about bringing the local community to our home base and fellowshipping with one another through worship.

One of the moments on this internship that stuck out to me greatly happened the third week here. I had the opportunity to lead a children’s bible study for one of our “impromptu” kids clubs. We held two community nights back-to-back and we had a huge number of kids come to play and learn. I met a young boy in the community of Mpona and he followed me back to the base. I was able to hold him for 2.5 hours and lead a bible study while he slept in my arms. I had never felt a call to become a teacher until I began this internship. The Lord is constantly placing me in opportunities to be challenged deeper. However, the biggest impact thus far would have to be the way the Zambian people love. I have never been more encouraged by a group of people and I truly feel as if I am learning to love in a real, pure, and Godly way. I am truly learning how to let people love me and better love others.

This summer is about to be a huge summer of renewal. The Lord is writing his purpose so strongly on my heart and encouraging me to live a creative, free, and powerful dream. I am beyond blessed to be learning how to love from the people that genuinely love the best.

Ashton Newman • 2017 International Immersion Intern