Agents of Change

August 3rd, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

Form 45 Entry 702 Fileupload 7My experience during Beat the Drum Zambia was life changing. I watched the movie for the first time and I was reminded that much more has to be done towards HIV/AIDS awareness.

It was heartbreaking to learn the myths behind HIV/AIDS. After training, I taught at Linda Secondary School where the pupils turned out in numbers. We taught about abstinence, purity and God’s way for our lies. I felt really honored to be part of a life changing program.

Reaching out to people in the Kingdom of Lesotho was amazing. A lot of people from Lesotho practice worshiping of ancestral spirits and a lot of them go to church but have no personal relationship with God. We partnered with LXP Lesotho, led by Godfrey and Elizabeth Mossabase. From their home/ ministry base, LXP runs most of their ministries. We were able to serve with a soccer ministry, and kids ministry, and we also held short services for three days in a week where they ministered to people from the village. I was greatly inspired to see how God is using this organization to bring change in that village. I learned that as Christians we are agents of change and in whichever environment we represent God and he is dependent upon us to teach his Word and make disciples. Form 45 Entry 702 Fileupload 8

Mumba Mwape • 2016 International Immersion Intern