Poetice International My Cart

a just world where the true identity and vocation
of the lost & least are restored.

Our goal is to see impoverished communities
become spiritually, emotionally, psychologically,
physically and socially healthy.




Our identity originates from merging
the beauty of a poem
with the action of justice:
forging a new word




We believe Christ is the transformer of culture.
The message of the Gospel is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

We believe where righteousness and justice converge, peace prevails.

We believe all humanity reflects the image of a creative God.

We believe music and the arts inspire dreams.

We believe the future has to be imagined before it can be created.

We believe stories are powerful, especially when they are personal.

We believe listening is crucial for effective problem solving.

We believe education is necessary for individuals to pursue healthy and productive lives.

We believe quality insight is more important than quantity.

We believe that our success is measured through development that is truly transformational.

We believe that transformational development works within the context of broken relationships.

We believe in indigenously inspired and locally led programs.

We believe transparency is the key to accountability.