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Edify Mudenda fights for his song. Join the fight and become an Artisan in the Justice League.

The Artisans are painters. Poets. Singers. Sculptors. People who are invigorated by beauty. The Artisans understand that art is like oxygen for the creative spirit, and that the arts can awaken and unlock the soul like nothing else. They support The Choma Academy of Music, creative workshops at Student Camps, dance clubs and all of our programs that engage and strengthen the artistic imagination.

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Elizabeth Mudenda fights for her future. Join Elizabeth’s fight for education and become a Scholar in the Justice League.

The Scholars are educators. Students. People whose lives have been intensely shaped by the knowledge they’ve received and given. The Scholars know that education is the key to empowerment, and that every child deserves to go to school. They support Abeka Primary School, anti-trafficking and AIDS education, tuition scholarships and all of our programs that contribute to formal education and scholastic opportunity.

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Vincent Muchumba fights for Opportunity. Join Vincent’s fight for opportunity and become a Sower.

The Sowers are entrepreneurs. Innovators.  Professionals.  People who value hard work, who strive to solve problems and develop solutions.  The Sowers don’t want to hand out fish; they want to teach fishing.  They understand the dignity in earning a living. They support the development of our income generation activities, which currently include gardening, sewing and raising chickens.

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After 4 short years of training, Sitali has become a prolific musician, composer and teacher. Witness the power of hope and dedication as Sitali shares his dreams.

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Drake is no ordinary twelve year old. When most children are chasing a soccer ball around the field, he’s chasing his hen around the yard. When most children are building forts, he’s building raised beds for sweet potato plants. Come meet Drake, a small boy with a big dream and a green thumb.



The Academy of Music exists to provide educational training and public performance opportunities to musically-talented orphans and vulnerable children. Our mission is to help students cultivate their talents, mature their artistry & inspire them to achieve their dreams while we meet their monetary and material needs.

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Abigail Phillips, our Program Architect, describes her journey towards finding her passion and place in the Poetice International family.

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6th Annual Winter Gala Recap

Our 6th Annual Winter Gala was held on Dec. 8, 2016 at the Goei Center in Grand Rapids, MI. It was such a memorable evening!