Poetice International My Cart

Our story emerged from a single person crying out against injustice.
Over time, that solitary voice grew into a choir of individuals
from all walks of life, united behind one idea.



In fact, our identity originates from merging
the beauty of a poem with the action of justice:
forging a new word “Poetice”.


As we’ve grown,
we’ve become a unified global community of practitioners and poets;
a collection of dreamers and doers devoted to seeing
dreams realized and lives transformed.


Hand in hand,
we’re fighting to break poverty’s chains
while pursuing just and right relationships.

We’re seeking justice for those
who live under the boot of oppression;
this includes the widow, the orphan,
the vulnerable, the exploited, the sick
and the poor.


Our work is about people before it’s about ideas,
about relationships before development programs.

While poverty destroys an individual’s
true identity and vocation, we are equally
determined to see those areas restored.

Where there is brokenness, we seek restoration.
Where darkness dwells, we shine a light.


As we’ve encountered brothels, slums, shanty towns, and garbage heaps,
we’ve discovered God at work.
We’ve found Jesus inviting us to participate in His work
through both the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.


Our desire is to see the Kingdom of God
become visible throughout the entire world.
We do not want to simply say,
“Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done”,
without also witnessing this new reality:
in Southern Africa as it is in heaven,
in South Asia as it is in heaven…
on earth as it is in heaven.