A Fight for Justice

August 15th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

The Lord is the mighty defender, perfect and just in all his ways. God is faithful and true to us, His people, and He cannot let us down. From the beginning, God has been a just King, He has always wanted His people to choose what they want (good or bad).

The justice that the people have on earth was gotten from God. What is justice then? Justice is a fair judgment or a judgment that recognizes the equal rights of everyone. In the past weeks, we learned about justice and its components. I have greatly been empowered by the teaching of justice and how I should administer it. There are five components of injustice across the globe, namely poverty, disease, spiritual emptiness, oppression, and illiteracy. We have to fight against these injustices as children of God. But for us to do this, we must first seek the Kingdom of God and let Him lead us.

In Psalms 103:6 it says, “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.” God will give rewards and punishments to deserving people. God gives rewards to His people that are faithful to Him and righteous. 1 Samuel 26:23 states that “The Lord rewards everyone for their righteousness and faithfulness.” This leaves an impact on His moral character in us.

The creator of heaven, earth, and the sea always keeps His promises. He judges in favor of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. He sets prisoners free and gives sight to the blind; He lifts those who have fallen and loves His righteous people. “When the poor cry out I helped them, I give help to orphans who have no one to turn to. Those who are in deepest misery finds their feet back, and I console widows. I am a father to the poor and take the side of strangers in trouble, thus says the God almighty.” Justice is for God alone and not ours, therefore we must leave vengeance and rewards to Him only. It takes God’s will or discernment for us the people to do His justice.


Collet Kadoolo – 2018 Immersion Intern